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When you’re considering a $250,000+ investment for higher education it might help to step back and think: what is college for?

Often, both families and students are placed on a K-College conveyor belt without much thoughtful consideration of where they would like to end up and why. The stress of determining where and why can also be small compared to the even bigger and more stressful financial question of how to finance this all.

NYT Author Ron Lieber’s new book What You Pay For College highlights three core goals that students and families seek to accomplish in varying degree by…

The better question is actually, “Who is a person?”

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One of the Biden administration’s goals is to administer the vaccine to vulnerable populations. Along with the elderly, this includes prison populations, including people suspected of terrorism at Guantanmo Bay.

Covid has ravaged the US prison system. Can you think of a more conducive environment to an airborne pandemic than rows after rows of prison cells housing multiple prisoners in confined spaces?

The New York Post of course put this into hyperbole with the title “Alleged 9/11 Mastermind, Gitmo Detainees To Start Getting Covid Vaccines” (According to Elon Musk the public…

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Talking trash says more about the person saying it than the person it’s directed towards.

There are only a few logical thoughts one can have when you’re around a person trashing their competition:

Firstly, insecurity. There is probably something about the person/thing they are talking badly about that they find threatening enough to try to discredit. Insecurity is an immediate turn off as a human trait and leads one to wonder about the second thing…

If you’re talking trash about these guys behind their backs what’s stopping you from talking badly about me behind my back? If you show yourself…

Everyday is going to have one high, one low and a lot of in between. Remember the highs when they come along. And try!

When I was a first year teacher in an urbane charter school a fight had just broken up and I was feeling pretty disillusioned.

The realities that the average young person living in extreme poverty or adverse conditions in super rural and urban areas is rough.

Kids don’t care about your math homework when their best friend just overdosed and died last week.

Kids don’t care about your research project when they’re not sure what mood…

Care, connection and content.

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Passion is contagious and if you as the teacher are not excited, engaged and energetic about your content area it is going to be difficult to pull in the interest of you students.

This is especially so when teachers are competing for the attention of their students against a finely tuned social media industrial complex with algorithms designed to increasingly shorten students’ attention spans.

In this way, teachers need to be the thermostat of the energy of a classroom, not a thermometer.

To be interesting to students a teacher must be interested.

Where else will a…

History is an argument not a PowerPoint.

But beyond that let’s ask the simple question: What is history for?

At its core history is an argument over two fundamental questions:

  • What happened?
  • What does it mean?

Young people do “history” all the time.

Take your average boy-girl relationship drama. There’s a big time break up and naturally everyone started asking “What happened?”

“Oh I heard they’re going off to college,”

“I heard they cheated on them,”

“I heard they didn’t really break up at all. They fight all the time.”

Sound familiar?

Then, there’s the debate over what something means.

The average first grader asks about 300 questions a day while the average high schooler asks less than three. Why?

Developmentally, little kids are wired for one thing: learning. Asking questions is the quickest way to get there. They’re not jaded like a high schooler might be.

Little kids are also too young to have developed self-awareness and don’t have A fear of being made fun of for asking questions. Or judged.

But, older kids are developmentally self-aware. They have an imaginary audience criticizing their every move in their head. …

If you had a boss or a coach who spoke to you the way you speak to yourself inside your own head you’d probably quit.

All great kicking is paradoxical. It’s only when you relax that things become easier. But how does one relax when they kick?

Have Fun:

It sounds hyperbolic to say this but it is true. You only have four to eight years max to kick. Your time where you are physically able to kick is also limited. There is nothing like getting outside with your friends, coach or teammates and kicking a few balls high, far and straight.

Get Rid Of Your Expectations:

There is no perfect fit, even when you think you find one.

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Outside of the first few weeks of marriage, I have never found a couple (ourselves included!) immersed in endless bliss. Marriage is hard work and can sometimes seem like a complete mystery. And, so it is also with things like college football recruiting, work and life.

It takes a few dates before you see the warts on someone.

It takes a few weeks before you realize maybe you weren’t the guy coach really wanted to recruit.

It takes a few weeks to realize that dream job might not…

Good teachers tend to like being around their students. Shocker.

Yet, the way that you might hear teachers speak about students you’d think they’d want nothing to do with them. Teacher work rooms across the world have airways filled with “these kids these days,” talk unfairly comparing the problems of today’s young people to some faux idyllic youth that “back in the day” provided.

Really, I know few people who would choose to go back to high school and replay the awkwardness, angst and torment of not knowing who you are, navigating the weird world of relationships, and general drama…

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