All Great Kickers Do These Two Things

All great kicking is paradoxical. It’s only when you relax that things become easier. But how does one relax when they kick?

Have Fun:

It sounds hyperbolic to say this but it is true. You only have four to eight years max to kick. Your time where you are physically able to kick is also limited. There is nothing like getting outside with your friends, coach or teammates and kicking a few balls high, far and straight.

Get Rid Of Your Expectations:

There is a fine line between wanting to do well and getting upset when you don’t. All great kickers know how to throw away their expectations when they step on the turf and just see what their swing brings them for the day.

Remembering to have fun and swing without expectations are two simple way to make a great kick more likely. None of this stuff guarantees that you are going to make your next kick but they will make it much more likely.



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Brendan Cahill

Brendan Cahill

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