Why You Shouldn’t Trash Your Competition

Talking trash says more about the person saying it than the person it’s directed towards.

There are only a few logical thoughts one can have when you’re around a person trashing their competition:

Firstly, insecurity. There is probably something about the person/thing they are talking badly about that they find threatening enough to try to discredit. Insecurity is an immediate turn off as a human trait and leads one to wonder about the second thing…

If you’re talking trash about these guys behind their backs what’s stopping you from talking badly about me behind my back? If you show yourself to be untrustworthy of not speaking poorly of others when they are not around when you in the company of colleagues or friends, they will become more guarded, trust and ultimately respect you less.

Psychologically, discrediting a something only makes those on the fence more open to considering their position. For example, when the German government banned sales of Hitler’s Mein Kampf the Neo Nazi movement gained more followers in Germany. When news stations aired stories about how ridiculous Flat Earthers were, it only made people more open to wondering what the fuss was all about. Just look at how deplatforming Trump has only hardened his most ardent supporters.

In fact, one of the best strategies to get media exposure by extremist groups is to do ridiculous things to try and ensure governments will try to ban them from the very media that they want coverage from. And, sensing a controversy that will boost click and views, these extremist groups ultimately show up on the evening news to be interviewed.

The point is simple: the very act of taking time and energy to discredit something or someone you have intrigued the person you are trying to sway to your view enough for them to go see what they are about in the first place.

So what to do?

Compliment your competition. There is no bigger power move than complimenting your competition and meaning it to a prospective client. It communicates you are secure enough in who you are to be generous to another.



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Brendan Cahill

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